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ORX helps the global financial services industry measure and manage operational risk. We research, improve understanding and share knowledge to benefit our members and the wider sector.
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Research into operational risk management and measurement is a core part of what we do. We carry out research projects each year on a number of important themes.

ORX Loss Data

We are the only global loss sharing service for the banking and insurance sectors, providing a platform for the anonymised and secure exchange of high-quality data.

ORX News

We recently launched the new ORX News website. Find out more about the new site and the benefits of subscribing to ORX News – a leading provider of publicly reported operational risk loss data.


ORX is leading the way in setting reporting standards for operational risk. Our standards for banking and insurance are both publicly available.

ORX Scenarios

This programme gives its subscribers data, tools and standards to help them identify, assess and validate scenarios.

ORX Forums

Each year, we run a growing number of events aimed at bringing individuals together, and enabling them to collaborate and share ideas.


Developing an industry operational risk taxonomy
You can now download our reference industry operational risk taxonomy.
ORX research magnifying glass
ORX research catalogue
Our new catalogue gives you an overview of our completed projects. It details the key findings, participants, and lists other reports of interest.
Latest news
Aegon joins ORX
Marina Vissaridis
14 June 2019
We are pleased to announce that Aegon have joined ORX to become our 98th member institution.
Latest news
Insurers meet for their annual European forum in Munich
Steve Bishop
13 June 2019
In May, representatives from 15 insurance firms gathered in Munich for the annual ORX European Insurance Forum. They discussed
Industry news
No place for historical losses in APRA's plans for op risk capital
Luke Carrivick
12 June 2019
In an industry consultation today the APRA set out its plans for adoption of the SMA to Pillar I Operational Risk capital. Find out more about their plans.
Scenario library
Latest news
Scenario library grows to over 1050 scenarios
Giuseppe Aloi
7 June 2019
The scenario library has just been published for 2019. It now has more than 1050 scenarios from over 45 institutions.
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Interested in joining ORX?

If you think your firm could benefit from becoming part of ORX's global membership, why not find out more about how to join?

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Benefits of ORX Membership

ORX benefits
A global network
Join a growing community of over 2,000 operational risk experts from over 90 institutions from around the world. This vibrant and collaborative group shares experience, expertise and insights into the issues that confront all risk managers.
ORX benefits
Pioneering research
We can leverage our membership, data and industry reputation to tackle a range of research projects that no other organisation can. Our desire to deliver valuable insights into operational risk is matched by our Members' desire to see progress.
ORX benefits
Benchmark yourself
Do you want to know how good (or bad) you are? Being able to compare yourself to the over 95 firms is very useful, but being able to compare yourself directly to your specified peers is potentially a game changer.
ORX benefits
Shape the future
With our unique dataset, unparalleled Membership, pioneering research programme and regulatory contacts, ORX is helping to shape the way operational risk is being managed across the financial services industry.

Upcoming events

25 JUN 19
Insurance Forum 2019 – North America
New York
The ORX North American Insurance Forum on 25 June 2019 gives attendees the chance to share experiences and discuss ideas on topics of significant interest.
03 JUL 19 04 JUL 19
Analytics and Scenario Forum 2019
This year's Analytics and Scenario Forum will take place in London on 3-4 July 2019.