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ORX News
ORX News
Get valuable insights from publicly-reported loss events at your fingertips. Used by over 65 international firms, we collate content on operational risk loss events from various media sources around the globe.
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ORX Scenarios
Access an extensive scenario library, scenario practice benchmark studies, and a global scenario practitioner network. In addition, get free scenario development handbooks and a risk intelligence pack.

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From our reporting standards to our reference risk taxonomy, we have lots of free resources you can benefit from. 

How we improve the operational risk discipline

Machine learning in operational risk
Machine learning in operational risk
Read our white paper about how we believe that the application of advanced analytics will be a core part of any future strategy for the management of operational and non-financial risk.
Op risk Initiative of the Year Award 2019
ORX reference taxonomy
We recently won Initiative of the Year at the Operational Risk 2019 Awards for our reference taxonomy that's helping to create a common language for the whole financial services industry.
cyber security information risk
Cyber risk
Since early 2019, we've been supporting firms with cyber and information security risk. This group has now finished work on definitions and roles and responsibilities.
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Clarity for op risk practice
ORX has developed a programme to help firms benchmark their practices in areas of the operational risk framework, including RCSA.

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Day-to-day op risk management
Op risk strategic development
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Industry news
Most viewed ORX News loss events in Q3 2019
John Bosnell
7 October 2019
Find out the ten most viewed operational risk loss events recorded by the ORX News team during the third quarter of 2019.
Industry news
ORX News digest of the month – September 2019
John Bosnell
3 October 2019
The ORX News team chooses a digest from the ORX News Service to share publicly each month. Read September's featured digest here: ING Bank to pay customers compensation over QR code fraud via mobile banking accounts
Five key elements for creating an op risk scenario storyline
Giuseppe Aloi
4 September 2019
Learn how to develop comprehensive scenario storylines. This blog focuses on cyber-related data breach.
Basel event types and the ORX reference taxonomy
Press release
Over 60 taxonomies analysed for new reference taxonomy
Steve Bishop
28 August 2019
Working with a leading consultant, we've developed a draft of our enhanced reference taxonomy. At the moment the draft contains 16 level 1 risks, supported by 75-80 level 2 risks.
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Global loss data service
Join the only global service for banking and insurance firms that exchanges high-quality data relating to operational risk losses in a completely secure and anonymised way.
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Pioneering research programme
We provide world-class research that supports effective op risk management and measurement within the financial services industry, as directed by our members..
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High quality events
ORX events are free, invitation-only opportunities to share knowledge, experience and expertise with peers across a wide range of operational risk-related topics.
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Benchmarking op risk practice
Understand practice in key areas of operational risk management, including a personalised benchmark report comparing your firm to your peers.
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Operational risk working groups
Be part of an ORX working group that meets regularly with fellow risk professionals to discuss a specific operational/non-financial risk topic.
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Cyber & security information risk programme
ORX is driving efforts to use our unique holistic view and expertise to enhance the active management of the most significant material risks, including cyber.